Fall 2018 Semester: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: TBD

Each audition is approximately 5 minutes long.

The audition (what you need to prepare):

  • 1 minute of any song of your choice. This segment should show off your range, musicality and any other vocal talents you may have.
  • If you are able to beatbox, let us know and show us your stuff!

The audition may include some of the following, depending on time constraints:

  • Tonal Memory – See a piece of sheet music and have the short melody played twice; you sing it back the third time.
  • Sing a few diatonic scales within your range.
  • Ear training – three-note combinations are played twice; you sing them back the third time.

You will be notified by email if you are invited to our callbacks!


Who can audition?

Anyone who identifies as female is more than welcome to audition for the Touchtones. Whether you're an experienced vocalist or shower singer, we encourage everyone to come in and sing for us, regardless of prior experience! 

Can I audition for more than one group?

Of course! Cornell is home to so many fantastic a cappella groups on campus, and auditioning for a group doesn't mean that you're obligated in any way to join. Just be sure to inform us and the other groups that you'll be trying out for multiple groups. We want you to have the best shot at finding your home in the a cappella community at Cornell, so we encourage you to try out for as many groups as you'd like!

What song should I audition with?

The song you choose to audition with should be in your vocal range, and showcase your strengths. If you aren't sure if you've got the right song for you, feel free to have a friend listen to you sing it and have them critique you. Don't worry about choosing a contemporary or more popular song – we just want to see what you have to offer and hear what you do best!

What are rehearsals like?

We rehearse for 2 hours three times a week, usually in Lincoln Hall (where we hold our auditions and callbacks). We have a lot of fun during these rehearsals, but also stay productive and motivated! The commitment level is high, but it does not prevent you from doing other activities – many of our members are involved in other organizations on campus, many of which they are on the e-board of.