Welcome Baby Tones!

Welcome Baby Tones!

We are incredibly excited to welcome nine new members to the Touchtones family this semester! Please give a warm welcome to our newest 'tones: 

Back: Brianna Patek, Lydia Buckley, Maxine Malvar, Moon Hyung Lee, Erin Lynch
Front: Alexandra Chaves, Natalie Yeh, Shaye Miller, Katie Shum

We're so stoked to be singing with these amazing baby 'tones!  💙

Spring 2015 Concert: Evolution

Thank you so much to everyone who came to our spring concert: Evolution. We look forward to seeing everyone in the fall!


The Touchtones Present: Evolution

Released in November, 2014, Evolution features:

1. Radioactive

Originally performed by Imagine Dragons
Arranged by Jennifer Darroch
Soloed by Gabrielle Maurer

2. Made to Love

Originally performed by John Legend
Arranged by Jennifer Darroch
Soloed by Taylor Barnes and Jennifer Darroch

3. Royals

Originally performed by Lorde
Arranged by Sheryl Quock
Soloed by Hillary Landsman

4. Runaway Baby

Originally performed by Bruno Mars
Arranged by Taylor Chew
Soloed by Nicole Zoulis


Originally performed by Macklemore
Arranged by Sheryl Quock
Soloed by Brittany Abel